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  • Dr.
    Steven Peters

    Dr. Peters moved to California in 2008 and graduated Magna Cum Laude with his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 2012. He then completed his Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) certification in 2015, and has worked extensively in sports rehabilitation and peak performance with competitive athletes nad weekend warriors.He proudly holds additional certifications in the Activator (non-force), Cox (Flexion/distraction), Graston (soft tissue), and Kenesio-taping techniques. 

    About Me:

    I was born in New York and raised in Maryland. Growing up I enjoyed anything outdoors, sports related and adventurous. I found myself at the top of every tree, the bottom of every river and the side of every mountain (with a lot of bumps and bruises along the way!). I also played football, basketball, lacrosse and volleyball growing up.

    I received my first chiropractic adjustment at the age of 17 when I found myself unable to stand up one day. When I left the Drs. Office later that day walking, I thought a miracle had happened. I continued with chiropractic care through college and into my first career. My second chiropractor opened me up to a world of what chiropractic can do, not only to maintain my own low back pain, but to achieve true overall body wellness and homeostasis (balance). He educated me on all of the wonderful things chiropractic can offer as a first level health care system to maintain this wonderful machine we call our bodies and avoid dysfunction and sickness. It was then that I decided to share this information with as many people as possible.

    I believe we all have the capability to achieve true wellness and optimal function and balance. Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves as long as we do not restrict them with drugs or toxins and balance out the stresses in our lives. I aim to educate each and every one of my patients, family and friends on how to reduce the physical, mental and chemical stresses in your lives and properly maintain your body towards true healthcare. I hope you will join me to truly experience what it feels like to be in balance and LIVE your life. Do not settle for masking your symptoms with medications or discontinuing your daily activities because of pain. Join us in the movement for healthcare rather than “sickcare” and start living a more enjoyable and full life!

    Yours in Health,

  • Sharon Pruss

    About Sharon Pruss, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., MSOM

    Sharon Pruss, L.Ac., is a California Licensed Acupuncturist and a National Diplomate of Acupuncture. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Oriental Medicine from Samra University, and did most of her training at Yo San University. Although a General Practitioner, Sharon specializes in women’s health, autoimmunity, digestive health and pain. Her post-graduate training highlights the treatment of chronic eye disease, reproductive medicine, nutrition, functional medicine and facial rejuvenation. Her work as a Clinical Research Coordinator in the Endocrinology/Bone Disease Program at the John Wayne Cancer Institute provided Sharon with the experience of working within the western medical model of treating cancer.

    Sharon’s interest in holistic medicine came from an early experience in her own healing through homeopathy. After an auto accident, Sharon’s neighbor, an Acupuncturist, helped miraculously restore Sharon’s health with the strategic placement of two needles. She has been a believer ever since, and she uses acupuncture and Chinese medicine herself on a regular basis.

    She is passionate about the results her patients obtain–always happy when a patient is on a journey toward healing. Sharon has a gentle yet intentional touch, using a Japanese-style of needling. Her empathy and listening skills set her apart. She has a special gift for healing — inspiring patients to participate in the healing process, and developing an immediate trust. Her intention is to provide thoughtful, compassionate care, while empowering her patients throughout the healing process.

    So what makes me unique? 

    I specialize in functional fertility and well as male fertility factor.. In addition to needles and herbs, I also integrate Functional Medicine and nutrition in my practice. Many Acupuncturists do not do this – at least the Functional Medicine part – which includes diagnostic lab testing, analyzing bloodwork, and recommending nutrients found in both food and supplements to treat the actual cause of your complaint. We may look at adrenal/cortisol levels in the case of insomnia, or perform a food sensitivity test for those with inflammation, or choose a gut/stool test for digestive complaints. I have found that this approach, combined with acupuncture, provides the best of both worlds for my patients.

  • Jeanina Cole

    Certified Licensed Massage Therapist

  • Jeff

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "He takes time to assess and evaluate every patient and is not about crack 'um and go. He has healing hands and truly cares for his patients. Additional info you may find helpful: I never have to wait. He sticks to his schedule so I am in and out in 30 minutes. He usually spends about 20 minutes with me. Jeff at the front desk always greets me with a smile and by name. The business is bright, fresh and clean."
    - Bridget Harris
  • "The doctors explain things so well and make sure each visit is filled with QUALITY time. Their explanations allow me to better understand the maintenance I need for my own body to function the very best in my daily routine."
    - K.C. Mercer
  • "The doctors explain things so well and make sure each visit is filled with QUALITY time. Their explanations allow me to better understand the maintenance I need for my own body to function the very best in my daily routine."
    - K.C. Mercer
  • "I have been coming here for over a year now and am happy to say the doctors there are great! I have seen numerous improvements with continued chiro and acupuncture in the way my body feels."
    - Cyndee